Friday, October 2, 2009

The Old Stand By

This is the baby blanket that I've worked up dozens of times.  And when I say dozens, I mean that literally!  I tend to get bored with a pattern if I make it too many times.  I've tried different ones to "shake it up a little"  But, this one always works up so beautifully.  So, I keep coming back to this pattern time and time again.  I've done just about any color combination you can imagine ... almost.  I've done white with white ribbon, blue with blue, pink with pink, yellow with yellow, purple with purple, white with pink ribbon, white with blue ribbon, white with yellow ribbon and white with chocolate brown ribbon.  I'm thinking I should try some whimsical colors next time.  Maybe a bright orange with polka-dot ribbon.  Or a white one with a funky ribbon.  :)
I just couldn't get the lighting to cooperate with me.  But, maybe you can get the idea!

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