Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Every time it snows here in Mississippi, I say "another RARE snowfall for MS".  But in 2 1/2 weeks, we've had 2 significant snowfalls.  It's been FABULOUS!!!!!
The first was so very magical!  We went to bed Christmas eve with a "chance" on snowfall and woke up Christmas morning to a winter wonderland White Christmas!!!

Two days after Christmas, we traveled to a youth conference in Pigeon Forge, TN.  They too had significant snowfall.  It was beautiful to see the snow in the mountains!  It was my absolute DREAM!!!!

Again, Sunday night, we had a chance for a lot of accumulation.  It began as sleet and quickly turned to snow.  It snowed all night long!  When we woke up Monday morning, we had 8,9,10 and even 11 inches in some places in our yard!!!  It was the most snow I think I've ever seen!!!!  It was wonderful!  Three days later and the main portion of it still lays on the ground!


Well, after the first two encounters with all the snow, I thought I should have a hat. I'm not a hat person... but I found this pattern for a "silly elf hat" and I had a thought. Most of the time when we are predicted to have snow - it's a dusting. Usually we end up with much less than we were predicted to get. So, I said on facebook that if we got at least 5" of snow, I would wear my silly elf hat and post the picture to facebook! I began crocheting and crocheted while I watched it snow!!! We got well over the 5" I promised. So, I wore the hat and had my picture made in it!

I will say that this will be the ONLY picture made of me without my make-up on.  But, it was early and I was going out to play in the snow ... who needs make-up for that!?!
I give you "Silly Elf Hat"!  :)

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