Friday, October 29, 2010

Soooo turns out, maybe I can sew a little....

I normally hem and mend things.  I can make curtains ... hem and mend.  But, last week I was asked if I could sew some halloween costumes.  They were to dress as M&M's.  It's a circle.  I figured maybe I could handle it. 
We took the pattern and got started.  In the end, I had 3 M&M's ready to wear!  I was proud of myself.  I'm not fooling myself into thinking I could do anything elaborate ... but this is a start!  :)
I had Jonathan pose in the costume.  These will be worn to work today, but I won't get a chance to get down there to get a picture.  They will wear black shirts and leggings or pants under the M's.

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