Friday, October 3, 2008

From This Day Forward

I've completed this project twice. The first I began in January of 1997. The second I began in January of 2003. They were both wedding gifts. The first for a dear friend of mine - who actually introduced me to my husband. The second for my best friend. We've been friends literally our entire lives. So, I wanted something really special to commemorate her special day.

This is a counted cross stitch, Paula Vaughn pattern, from the Leisure Arts book: "The Best of Paula Vaughn". I'm sure it's available as a stand alone pattern: "From This Day Forward". It was worked on 22ct off white fabric - over two fabric threads.

It took me quite a while to complete these projects. Really more time that I gave myself. I actually gave each gift somewhere around their first anniversaries. So, I'd say about a year and a half to complete each project. With two kids and a busy schedule ... I did not get the chance to work on these every single day.

This is a picture of the second project. However, they were basically identical.

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